Review: Breville Platinum Pro Stand Hand Mixer

Breville Hand Stand Mixer

For the serious baker a good heavy duty (and inevitability expensive) stand mixer is indispensable.   My K-Mix gets used nearly every day and for me is a must have.  For smaller quantities I also have a handheld electric mixer, that copes with many jobs that my stand mixer can, but of course it is not quite as heavy duty.

When Appliances Direct offered me an appliance to review, I was interested to see how a modern hand held mixer with a stand would hold up when compared to my stand mixer, and I  put the Breville SHM2 Platinum Pro Stand Hand Mixer, RRP £72.57 (currently on offer at £55.97) through its paces.  The hand mixer on a stand has been a system that has served my mother extremely well over the years – hers is still going strong after about 40 years!

The major selling point of this mixer is that it will function as either a hand, or stand mixer. To detach you simply lift the mixer up and press a button. The mixer comes with a stainless steel bowl, beaters, whisks dough hooks and a plastic spatula.

It feels nicely solid, and has a compact footprint making it ideal for the smaller kitchen.  When using as a stand mixer the bowl rotates (two speed settings) as the mixer mixes.     To detach you simply lift the mixer and press a button.

As a stand mixer it worked extremely well with an 8 egg sponge mix, with a smaller cake it needed a bit of help with a spatula to get to the bottom of the bowl.  It failed completely to whisk 4 egg whites as the beaters were too far off the bottom of the bowl.   Because the bowl is off centre from the beaters there is plenty of space to add in ingredients as it mixes.

Detached from the stand and used in hand held mode the mixer made very fast work of a 4 egg pavlova, probably faster than my K-Mix would.

Breville Stand Hand Mixer Review

I really like that it will stand on end (top left photo above) when you are not using it, or are weighing or adding more ingredients.  One of the main advantages of a hand held mixer is that you can use them for several jobs one after the other, all in separate bowls and only need to clean up the beaters each time.

Review: Breville SHM2 Platinum Pro Stand Hand Mixer


  • Lightweight with a small foot print
  • Considerable cheaper than other stand mixers
  • Using as a stand mixer means hands free mixing
  • Powerful – 380W
  • Was very good at coping with an 8 egg sponge cake
  • Adaptable – you get two appliances for the price of one
  • Well designed for adding ingredients and for standing on end
  • A stand mixer means no strain on your wrists and hands whilst mixing


  • Not so good for smaller amounts
  • Not able to adjust height of the beaters
  • Not as powerful as some stand mixers – I’d not want to make a massive fruit cake or large amount of marshmallow in it
  • No splatter guard over the bowl – potential for making a mess.
  • It does not cut out when you tilt the mixer up

All in all I am very impressed, and although it would not work for me, it is perfect for someone who has no mixer at all, who might make one cake a week whilst doing other kitchen jobs, and use it a couple of other times in the week for other smaller jobs.  It has been gifted to Ed’s sister and is perfect for her mixing needs.

Many thanks to Appliances Direct for the mixer.  All opinions are our own and we were not required to write a positive review.

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