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Cheese Boutique

 The Cheese Boutique  is an online shop that has evolved out of a cheese stall operating in market towns in the south of England; by going online, we now all have access to their extensive range of cheeses even if we can’t make it to the stall. They have a really good range from across Europe, including  ewes’, goats’ and cows’ milk, and hard, soft and blue cheeses, reflecting a lifetime’s passion for cheese, and discovery of new artisan producers. Their wanderlust is shown by the extensive range from France, Italy and Spain; British cheese is restricted to Colston Bassett stilton and Montgomery cheddar.

Truthfully, faced with this great variety, we weren’t really sufficiently adventurous with our selection: we should really have gone for some soft cheeses, and another blue. However, this takes nothing away from the fact that we particularly enjoyed the Comte – rich, smooth and nutty – and Bleu de Basques – tangy, salty and sharp. The selection was nicely packaged, wrapped in am attractive checked greaseproof paper, and delivered in a straw filled cardboard with an ice pack (bonus points for no polysterene). Pricing is in line with other shops selling this quality of cheese, but it must be said that averaging about £20 a kilo, feeding a habit with cheese of this quality – while a delightful thought – isn’t really cheap, but as is the way with these things the better the product  the less you tend to consume to feel satisfied, so overall good value.

Cheese Boutiques Cheeses

A cheese box is an ideal present (always welcome at Fuss Free HQ!) – I would send after a house party, or to a cheese loving new mother (who has been restricted in their cheese whilst pregnant), and the Cheese Boutique’s range is well worth looking out. The handy product category menu on the website – with selection by both nationality and type possible –  means that narrowing down your choices is particularly easy.

Many thanks to the Cheese Boutique for our sample box.

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  1. Corin Leach says

    Hi Helen,
    Good to read your review of the Cheese Boutique. I’ve always fancied giving something like this to someone but haven’t had a chance to look into which company is good, so thanks for making it easy for me!

  2. says

    Wow, that looks like a good haul. I love strong cheeses but the healthy-ish person in me always remembers the down sides. I should remember that a small bit of good cheese is worth it. Where were they all from? What was your favourite?

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