Review: Farmers Choice Kippers – Poached or Grilled?

Grilled Kipper from Farmers Choice

Grilled Kipper

Most of the week, simplicity is a prerequisite at breakfast; time pressures mean that we leave morning indulgences to the weekend. There’s something wonderfully Edwardian about a full fry up, but I have to admit that I can’t remember the last time I went a little off-piste  and had kippers; I do like them (I like all smoked fish;  actually, I like pretty much anything smoked) but the side effect of fishy smells in the flat is a bit of a downside.

Cooking Kippers – Grilled or Poached?

As a welcome reintroduction to kippers, we were sent a couple by Farmers Choice. We tried these two ways: grilled, and warmed sous vide in a sealed bag  in a simmering pan of water. The common factor was that the kippers themselves were excellent: not oversmoked, juicy and really tasty. We thought that grilling resulted in a stronger flavour, while the kippers heated in the bag (resealed with our FoodSaver) were juicier. The big advantage of sous vide is that it minimised the smells that permeate the flat.

Poached kipper from Farmers Choice

Poached Kipper

The downside of a kipper for breakfast, of course, is that a certain amount of care and concentration is needed to de-bone then, but then what could be a better way of starting a weekend than a contemplative breakfast, with kippers,  toast, butter and coffee?

All Farmers Choice fish is responsibly sourced, they also stock a wide range of excellent free range meat and have recently launched an online greengrocer.

Many thanks to Farmers Choice for our kippers.

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    I have always loved kippers even, possibly unusually, from being a small child. My Dad almost always has them on a Saturday breakfast. It has also taught me to be fearless of fish with bones in. Like you, I love anything smoked. These sound delicious – though kippers are never exactly beautiful are they.

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