Review: FoodSaver V3040 Vacuum Food Sealer


The report earlier this year from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers that up to half of the world’s food is wasted was something that we found horrifying (even though we’re not quite sure why the IMechE are investigating food waste). We aren’t too bad in this matter – the vast majority of our organic waste is vegetable and fruit peelings (being in a flat composting is tricky) but the ideal solution of only buy what you need when you need it means that you miss out on the savings possible from purchasing in bulk, and in these times of straightened budgets, we can’t really afford not to make savings when we can.

One thing we’re now trying, to see how it can help keep our food fresh is the V3040 vacuum FoodSaver. We’ve found it straightforward to use: plug it in, insert the open end of the bag into the machine, clamp shut and press the button. It vacuums and seals automatically, but you can trigger the sealing function whenever you want. There are also two different vacuum settings, one for dry foodstuff, and one for wet.

Enjoying the benefits of vacuum sealing alone on preserving food is something we’re looking forward to taking advantage of but we’re now seeing sealing opportunities everywhere. Our freezer is frost free, which means that the potential for freezer burn is much higher than for a non-frost free freezer. Simple solution? Vacuum sealing. Of course, the system does mean that you use plastic bags – there’s no real getting around that one – but what can be done is to initially make the bag too long for the item, then as you use your item, you can simply cut off the old seal and reseal the bag.

We’ve also been adding marinade to both meat and fish and sealing before freezing, and sealing fish for poaching, next step is a make shift sous vide in the slow cooker.

Vacuum packed socks

A more esoteric use – as the photos shows, is sealing socks for when I go offshore sailing. Guaranteed dry socks which take up less space. Lovely!

Food Saver and Sailing Socks

 Fuss Free Flavours received a complimentary FoodSaver for review.  We were not obliged to write a positive review, all opinions are our own.

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