Review: Kenwood K Mix Stand Mixer

K Mix Stand Maker

As I wrote at the start of the year the problem with writing gadget reviews is that your opinion can change dramatically over time.

I have had Fifi La Firecracker – my K Mix stand mixer for exactly a year, and 12 months on I am still smitten.  She has whisked, mixed, kneaded almost every day and has changed how I cook.  I am still as delighted as I was when I first used her.

Stylishly designed and well thought out the K Mix is a kitchen work horse, I have made countless loaves of bread, batches of marshmallows and umpteen cakes.  Had I not had the mixer I would have never have attempted marshmallows and would have made far less bread.

I find one of the best things is that I can bung all the ingredients in and go and do something else, such as unload the dishwasher or put shopping away.

Great features of the K Mix include:

  • A slow start – the machine gets up to speed over a good few seconds – this stops your ingredients flying all over the place.
  • The motor cuts out when you open the machine.  You would be surprised that other brands do not do this which can cause a lot of splattage.
  • Powerful motor and sturdy machine which can handle 2lb of dough with ease.
  • There is a useful fold function – 20 two and a half turns folds in flour to delicate mixes.
  • Planetary mixing motion means that every thing gets mixed properly.
  • Attachments are a whisk, beater, dough hook and flexibeater – which scrapes and makes it easier to make smaller quantities.
  • Very attractive and British design.
  • All the attachments store in the mixing bowl when not in use.
  • Attachments are dishwasher safe.

There are few minor niggles – mainly that there are fewer attachments than there are for some of the other Kenwood machines (I’d love both an ice cream maker and grain mill), and that for very small quantities  – a one egg sponge – there is simply not enough mix for the machine to get to grips with.  The bowl lock / unlock is in the opposite direction to my Magimix – which still catches me out about half the time – but I can hardly blame Kenwood for that!

Earlier in the year Charlotte wrote an interesting comparision between a Kenwood mixer and a Kitchen Aid (with great comments too).

Kenwood Range

Images from Kenwood

Since getting Fifi, the Kenwood K Mix range has expanded to include blenders, kettles, food processors, coffee machines, hand blenders and stick blenders, all in rather fab bright colours, all with the same rounded slightly retro look, all perfect in  function as well as being rather fun to look at.

If you are after a stand mixer – and do not need a blender attachment – then I cannot recommend the K  Mix stand mixer highly enough, cost is around £300 depending where you shop.  If you want an all singing all dancing mixer then consider the Kenwood Chef.

Many thanks to Kenwood for my mixer, and invitations to events to demonstrate the range.

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    I’m so dumb, when we had our chat about Kitchen Aids with Nigel Slater I thought your’s was a Kitchen Aid. My old Kenwood has obviously become a dinosaur and I know nothing of these new kids on the block – glad that’s all cleared up then!

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    Thank you for the mention, Helen. I am so pleased to hear you are still loving your KMix. Nothing worse than spending all that money and being disappointed. Have my eye on one of their stick blenders – they look much more heavy duty than my current one (Kenwood, but one of the cheapest models at about £25 new).

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