Review: Nokia Lumia 920 – First Thoughts

Nokia Lumia 920

I can at best be categorized as, at best, a late majority adopter of innovation on Everett Rogers’ diffusion of innovation scale. I decided a while ago that technology and gadgets are not the route to health and happiness, so was quite happy with my £10 phone with a battery life of a few days. However, I do have to admit that there were times when a little more functionality would have been useful. I was therefore very grateful when H, after attending an event where she received a Windows 8 phone, decided that it was slightly too large for her, and given she has a tablet and I do not, she kindly passed it forward to me as my need was greater than hers.

I have to say, that on first impressions, it’s very nice. It’s quite large, but this does give a large and very usable screen for internet browsing. Uploading contact details was very simple, aided by my use of a hotmail email address (told you I’m not exactly an early adopter). I do have to play more with the Skydrive cloud storage, though, to fully get to grips with it. Loading photos up to Skydrive is simple, but using them once there is less straightforward.

The camera, with a Carl Zeiss lens, is excellent, taking great photos in low light situations (see our review of Imli) and it is good not to have to wave an DSLR around when reviewing restaurants. I haven’t yet started playing with the cinemagraph app, which lets you create Harry Potter-esque moving pictures, but it won’t be too long before I give it a go. And talking of apps, personalisation of the tile screen is simplicity itself – in no time, I had a combination of phone/text/internet functions, camera and album, social media and one-touch contact details for the select few.

One great thing that I’m getting to grips with is the mapping and sat nav. Offline mapping means that you don’t need internet access all the time for mapping and directions. I’ve already downloaded the maps for West Brittany, and look forward to fully using this function when we’re in France later this month.

Once I’ve been playing with it for longer – and have downloaded more apps than Bejeweled, I’ll be in a better position to give a more in depth review. But I have now joined the ranks of those who play with their phones on public transport rather than reading the paper.

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Fuss Free Flavours was given a Nokia Lumia 920 (retailing at about £360) without obligation or expectation, as it is especially good for taking photos in restaurants in low light.   So far we are very impressed and still learning to how get the best from it.

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