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Philips GoLite

I am not a fan of the winter with the ever shorter days, and clouds and dampness making the short days seem even darker and more miserable.  Coupled with the fact that I do not sleep well I spend the winter months in a stupor of tiredness, which leads to me being generally grumpy, unproductive, short-tempered and snappy at those who surround me.  Poor Ed bares the brunt of my moods.

The goLITE from Philips was developed to help alleviate the symptoms of the winter blues.  It emits a strong blue light, similar to the light you would get on a very clear, bright sunny day.    The theory is that this light should help you to feel happier, more alert and less tired in the depths of winter.

Philips goLITE on

The light is really really bright, but hard to capture

I love it!  30 minutes next to the light every morning is enough to fully wake and engerise me.  After two weeks it is deemed I am in a far better mood, which in turn makes Ed happier.

The light is very well designed and packed with features.

  • Small, compact & lightweight – about 6″ square and 1″ deep.  It comes with a padded travel case
  • Rechargeable – one charge has lasted me 10 days of 30 mins a day of light
  • Foolproof to use – switch on, adjust intensity and time and go
  • Clever magnetic stand, the magnet is really strong so I am not worried it will fall off and get lost
  • Programmable – it remembers your chosen light intensity and duration
  • Alarm function – with chime and light – personally I think this is unnecessary

The lights should last for 50 years with 30 mins use each day, and the charger comes with international adaptors so it is perfect for travel.  The light can also be used to reset your body click to help overcome jet lag.

Philips GoLite Stand

The only quibble could be the price – the recommended retail is £255.   Personally I think it is worth every penny, what price sanity and feeling far far happier?

If you suffer in the winter then I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Philips GoLite RRP £255 – or less from Amazon.

Many thanks to Philips for sending me a GoLite to review. 

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  1. says

    I could not cope without a dawn simulation clock which really helps me make it through the darker months. I’ve used one for at least 15 years. But when we travel, we can’t take it with us as it’s an old model and absolutely enormous.
    Would love to try one of these GoLites fro Philips, as would be ideal not only for travelling but also, sometimes, for slipping into the bag for use in an office.

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