Review: Puro Fairtrade Coffee

Puro Coffee

Puro Fairtrade is a coffee brand owned by Miko, coffee roasters founded over 200 years ago in Belgium. As the name indicates, all Puro coffees are certified Fairtrade; the company’s committment to helping those in coffee growing areas is shown by their support of schemes such as the Trees4Schools program – planting trees in South Africa – the World Land Trust – buying areas of Ecuadorian rainforest, and  Bwamanda Integral Development Center in Congo. You can see some of the things Puro do on their video, or their website or their facebook.

We tried three of their coffees, all of which are blends.The common factors across all three were that they were all at the stronger roasted end of the spectrum, which we generally prefer, and all three blends started our day with the coffee kick we enjoy, in a way that  supports coffee growers, and the rainforests where they farm.

Puro Fairtrade Noble

A blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, with beans originating in Peru, Honduras, Guatamala and Congo. Balanced, smooth and rounded.

Puro Fairtrade Organic

100% Arabica from Peru and Honduras. Lighter than the Noble; citrussy.

Puro Fairtrade Fuerte

50/50 Arabica/Robusta. From Peru, Honduras, Guatamala and Congo. The higher levels of Robusta beans give a stronger taste compared to the Noble, but it’s still a full bodied and rounded flavour.

I was also sent some drinking chocolate which I give to my parents, who enjoyed it as it was instant and did not need milk heating, but did they think it was a little too sweet for their tastes.

As well as coffee, Puro also sell hot chocolate, tea and fruit teas, and extra like Fairtrade sugar, reflecting Miko’s position in the catering coffee markets. Puro supply both the National Trust and Royal Parks.

Many thanks to Puro for our samples.

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