Review: Tobago Estate 70% Trinitario Chocolate by Francois Pralus

Tobago Estates Chocolate 70

Francois Pralus is a chocolate company started by Augustus Pralus and now run by his son Francois. As well as their own plantation in Madagascar, they also make bars from single origin beans sourced from 20 different regions around the world. We tried the Tobago Estate, from a single estate in Roxborough, Tobago (I do like the latitude and longitude on the packaging – with the wonders of Google Earth, it’s amazing to look down on the estate.)

The chocolate itself was superb, made from Trinitario beans, with flavours of blackberry, hedgerow fruits, brown fruits and fudginess.  Really lovely, and went phenomenally well with our home made sloe gin.  The only negative – and it’s more of a personal bugbear than anything else – is that the grooves are relatively shallow, so the bar doesn’t really snap cleanly into squares.

Purchased at Chocolate Unwrapped when H met Duane Dove from the estate.

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