Review: Vektra Vacuum Kettle

Vektra Vacuum Kettle ReviewThe Grunwerg Vektra is an insulated kettle; this makes it ideal for those like us who can absent mindedly boil a kettleful, with the intention of making coffee but somehow forget, only to return to the kitchen to find a cold kettle and the need to start again. The Vektra’s vacuum insulation significantly slows the rate at which the water cools, so that bringing the water back up to the boil takes much less time. And for coffee, rather than tea, where best results are obtained by using water that’s not at boiling point, the kettle holds the water hot enough for some time.

It’s a fairly standard jug kettle, with a separate base. It holds up to 1.5 litres, and is rated at 1500 watts. Boiling a litre of 12C water from the tap took a few seconds under 4 minutes.  With a full jug the temperature was 92C after an hour, 84C after 2 hours and 76C after three.  Pretty impressive heat retention.

The other advantage of the vacuum insulation is that the outside of the kettle remains cool even when the water is boiling. Also, the lid locks into place with a robust sounding click; these two features combined add to the safety aspect. A lever on the top has to be pushed down to pour. It’s a good looking jug, in either brushed steel, white, black or a more funky lime green, purple or red.

There are limited things that can be done to a kettle, but Grunwerg is striking a blow for the environment and the absent minded here.  Price from £75.

Fuss Free Flavours received a review kettle, all opinions are our own.

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    I like the sound of the outside remaining cool – our kettles are usually rather hot to the touch once boiled – not enough to burn but to give a surprise when you touch by accident!


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