Simpler Life: Biros

The problem with biros

The problem with biros is that neither Ed or I like writing with them so we do not use them. I suspect this will never change.

The question is why have I allowed us to accumulate so many just in case we do need one? Above is about half the quantity that I gathered up from our one bedroom flat.  All were freebies. If I were to write with a biro I would also want an attractive one I had chosen. Not one touting a brand’s logo.

I donated them all to a courier this morning who did not have a pen.

What items which you do not use do you persist in collecting many of?

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  1. says

    Elastic bands, you know the ones that come on a bunch of spring onions. You never know when you might need one! I recently had a clear out of my kitchen window sill where I had to throw away about 20 of these sad creatures which had melted and fossilised in the sun. One had even glued an ashtray (you know the one) to a dish which took some prizing apart I can tell you!

  2. Lynn says

    Damn! I always need them for work and am always running out – I wish I’d known about your collection!
    I have too many dusty bits of paper that I shall never look at again. I blame the Inland Revenue and its keep-it-forever rules.

  3. says

    I keep plastic bags, I have loads! Any bag that seems nice enough to carry a gift in gets stashed away then never used! I have a particular thing for huge plastic bags, I always plan to use them to transport Christmas gifts which I sometimes do but then I usually bring the bag back home!

  4. Sylvia Leaver says

    Elastic bands. I have loads of them and do sometimes use an odd one but they always seem to come in much more quickly than I use them.

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