Simpler Life: Tupperware Sanity

Tupperware Sanity


Whilst stashed under the kitchen sink my collection of plastic pots, tubs and containers had been both breeding and going for walks.   Mismatched, stained, cracked, missing and just too much of it.  The crunch point came when I filled a pot with leftovers and could not find a lid.

Tupperware Chaos


I find it very very easy to hoard; after all it might be useful one day and I hate sending plastic containers that can still be used to landfill, but how many plastic containers do two people who work from home in a small flat with a middling size freezer really need?

In the collection above were 5 small pots with lids which fit so tightly that I need to get Ed to open them, a stack of yoghurt pots that are the perfect size for white spirit and cleaning paint brushes (we paint once or twice a year) etc etc.  You get the drift.

Tupperware Management

Pretend you are moving (this makes it easier to let go)

  • Ditch anything without a matching lid or base
  • Ditch anything warped, cracked or stained
  • Keep containers which stack
  • Keep containers which you use – in my freezer I use empty baking margarine tubs for soup and stock, and stackable semi opaque takeaway trays for everything else (they stack well and I can see what is inside them)
  • Keep a few throwaway tubs (and plastic cutlery) for packed lunches on journeys, painting etc
  • Ditch everything that you would be embarrassed to give to a friend
  • Remember you will always acquire more, the first rule of Tupperware is it creeps into the under sink cupboard uninvited
  • Always check you have the lid before putting anything in a container

I suspect the pretend you are moving mantra will pop up again and again when it comes to a declutter and simpler life.

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  1. says

    I’ve just been clearing out my tupperware too – i think I have a team of borrowers who seem to be taking all the bottoms and leaving the lids for me to deal with!

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