Slowly Does It – The Morphy Richards Flavour Savour: Review & Giveaway

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I greatly enjoy being a blogger,  I adore all aspects of food; the constant thinking about, planning, preparation, consuming, photography and eventual blogging.   I love receiving comments from readers who like the look of, or have tried one of my recipes.     Looking through my archives I realise that I started blogging in January 2007!  And have been at it on and off ever since.     When I first started blogging Facebook had only been open to the general public for 4 months and I had not heard of twitter!   A lot has changed in 4 years.   There are far far more blogs, better software, better templates and most interesting there is interaction between PR companies and brands and bloggers.   Social Media is no longer new and is here to stay.

As a result of this, the rewards from my blog are now more then a few comments;  samples, meals, and events all come my way.    I genuinely am delighted when anyone wants to seek my opinion or review one of their products.   I do have a firm rule that my integrity is more important than any reward; and anything I post will be my honest opinion.   I think that most PRs understand this and know that when sending anyone a product for review they are running the risk of unfavourable opinions being published.    Happily this is not the case with this product.

I am a huge fan of slow cookers (or crockpots) and use mine once or twice a week throughout winter.      Slow cookers free up the hob, are safe to leave overnight or when you go out.   I find the cheaper cuts of tougher meat respond the best to slow cooking, a bonus in the recession!  My favourites are beef shin and ox cheeks, both of which become meltingly tender and bursting with flavour after 8 hours in the crock pot.    When I have a party I usually make a huge batch of slow cooked chilli,  which happily sits in the cooker all evening for people to help themselves to.

I was recently sent a Morphy Richards Flavour Savour slow cooker for review.  As well as the traditional slow cook, it also browns.     Slow cooking, although fantastic, is not quite as simple as chucking everything in the pot and letting it simmer; you really do need to brown the meat and saute the vegetables first.    This means using an additional pan, frying off the meat, then transferring to the slow cooker to cook.  The Flavour Savour does both jobs remarkably well.

Firstly I think that it is very elegant.  The sleekly shaped stainless steel pot sits on the base, for storage the base sits inside the cooking pot, with the flex neatly coiled and the plug slotted in.    The cooking pot can also be used on the hob and is dishwasher proof.

The cooker browned meat just as well and as quickly as in a frying pan on the hob.   It did take a little longer to heat up than a frying pan would.  But, by the time I had turned it on, grabbed my ingredients and started to chop them, it was ready.   Because you are frying in a deep pan you do not get splatters of fat and oil everywhere, meaning less cleaning up, a bonus in my opinion.    It took me about 15 / 20 mins to prep & fry off 3lb of meat and 2 large onions.

Because you fry in the cooker pot it is already lovely and hot, so your casserole starts to simmer relatively quickly after you add the other ingredients and liquid.

The Flavour Savour is highly versatile with a stew and 3 slow cook functions.   Cooking timings range from 1 ½to 10 hours.   All cooking cycles are followed by a 2 hour keep warm cycle.  This allows you to prepare a casserole either in the evening or first thing in the morning,  leave it cooking all day whilst you are at work and come home to a perfectly cooked casserole ready to eat.

On the faster cook functions the Flavour Savour will also simmer; enabling it to be used instead of a ring on the hob.   For example it could be used steam a Christmas pudding in, freeing up an extra ring on the hob on Christmas Day.   I can see myself using it on the keep warm function for serving hot punch at a party.

I really like the product.   I especially like that it will turn itself off after the maximum of 12 hours, making it utterly safe to leave on when you go out for the day, with no need to worry if you get delayed, or have a last minute invitation and get home at gone midnight.     The only criticism that I have is it would be far handier if the lid would fit onto the pot upside down so the handle was tucked away for easy storage.   I am more than happy to say goodbye to my old slow cooker and install the Flavour Savour in its place.

I reviewed the 6.5 lt Flavour Savour retailing at £89.95.  This will serve about 10 people (or fill the freezer).

I am delighted to have a 4.5lt Flavour Savour worth £79.99 to give away for one lucky reader, and a discount of 35% on both models for everyone!

For the 4.5lt Flavour Savour
Discount: 35% – takes the product to £51.99
Expiry date: 31/12/2010

For the 6.5lt Flavour Savour
Code: FFF8735
Discount: 35% – takes the product to £58.47
Expiry date: 31/12/2010

P&P is free and the products have a 2 year guarantee.


This giveaway is open to all readers with a UK mailing address.  The winner will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced in a subsequent post.   When commenting please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

There is one main way to enter and several ways to get bonus entries.  You must leave a separate comment for each bonus entry otherwise they will not be counted.

Closing date: midnight Tuesday 7th December 2010.

For a chance to win please comment and tell me your favourite winter casserole recipe.

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Good luck!

My thanks to Morphy Richards for sending me the product for free and for providing the prize.

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  1. Kirsten Murphy says

    I have to admit to never using a recipe when it comes to stews & casserole…depends what I have to hand & what’s going cheapest at the supermarket! It does mean my sons can’t complain that I’m always making the same thing haha!!

  2. Louise Strachan says

    Hi I like to make my own recipes for casseroles has to involve leeks and carrots though…

  3. says

    Sounds good. The keep warm function sounds good: I leave for work at 6.30 and find that my crockpot can over cook if it is left on for 12 or more hours. Keeping warm after the initial cook is the way to go. I might have to add this to my Christmas list

  4. joanne says

    Agree with Kirsten, never follow a recipe, just use up stuff I have.
    The downside of this is that I do make something really good, often cant remember how I made it.

    Beef cooked in beer is one of my favourites .

  5. Fiona Firth says

    This looks amazing. I would love to win it as my son pulled mine off the counter top and broke it :(. I don’t really have a fave recipe as such!! I tend to bung a load of meat and veg in the pot with some stock and keep my fingers crossed lol. Not had a bad one yet ;)

  6. Squashy says

    Favourite Winter casserole recipe:
    Potato and Sausage Casserole!

    Brown 8 pork sausages and set aside, fry 4 chopped bacon rashers with 1 chopped onion then add 2 cloves crushed garlic & turn heat off.
    Line slow cooker with thinly sliced potatoes (about 4 baking spuds).
    Top spuds with bacon & onion mix. Season and also sprinkle with fresh sage. Add another layer of spuds. Top with sausages and pour in 1/2 pint hot stock. Cook 3-4 hrs on high and serve with braised cabbage! Yum!

    Please enter me in competition! I will do all the follow up mentions also! :0)

  7. Samantha says

    I like a something simple like beef and onions in a lovely stock. Happy with dumplings or cooking some pastry separately and turning it into a pie.

  8. says

    I love the way you can brown everything in the same pot and on the slow cooker it’s self – Fantastic!
    My fav recipe – since inventing it the other day is Beef, Ale and Pearly Barley stew with mustard suet crust = YUM!
    I am following both you, and ‘Love your Morphy’ on Twitter
    And I’ve done a Tweet and a Like on FB too!

  9. joanne says

    I dont tweet, but have liked you on Facebook.

    I also like hotpot, havent made one for ages, will do one soon.

  10. carole maciver says

    all tweeted and facebooked, hotpot is a good winter warmer aswell as a big pot of soup lovely

  11. Kelly West says

    I’ve tweeted (@splatky) & liked @fussfreeflavour & @LoveYourMorphy on twitter…
    I’ve also liked you facebook page & the Morphy Richard page :-D


  12. Alison says

    I love a chicken casserole or beef stew, i love the look of the The Morphy Richards Flavour Savour.
    I did tweet about this give away too.

  13. Maya Russell says

    I like to make up my own casseroles – a little bit of this, a little bit of that so there’s never one the same, but I do prefer those with smoked sausage in it. @maisietoo

  14. crazyc says

    Chicken, tomato and smoked paprika casserole is lovely in this weather. I also love Chestnut and vegetable stew. I’ve always been put off getting a slow cooker because of having to use a second pan to brown the meat and veg. The flavour savour looks like the perfect solution to that.

  15. Karen Langridge says

    My favourite is chicken casserole, mmmm lovely competition with cold weather requiring scrummy warm meals :) Thanks!

  16. Karen Langridge says

    And am doing all the other bits you asked. Following all facebook pages and twitter pages (I am @missingsleep)

  17. lorraine rogers says

    It has to be stew and dumplings good old hearty fare it can be adapted to suit all tastes, whether you be meat eaters, poultry or vegetarian eaters. Something to warm you up in the cold weather and this appliance is the gadget to help you achieve this with the minimum of fuss. Just put the ingredients in and let the gadget do the rest. Wonderful

  18. Nicola Seary says

    I have followed you on twitter,retweeted,liked on facebook.This is a great idea,I use my slow cooker a lotas I have a large family.

  19. laura jones says

    casseroles are a life saver for me as my husband works outside for long hours and in all weathers, so its nice to always have a hot meal ready. the fave is lamb casserole with heaps of swede potato carrot onion and anything else in the fridge!

  20. says

    i like to make my own variations, for example with fennel, potatoes and carrots and chicken or a version of aloo gobi. would LOVE to win this. Pleaaaase pick me:)) best from berlin,anja xx

  21. kayleigh beirne says

    As a vegetarian I love a good vegetable casserole with some BIG dumplings chucked it! :-D

  22. Heather says

    I love French Beef – Beef, button mushrooms, red wine & beef stock, simmered for 3 hours – lush!

  23. fiona duale-jolliffe says

    have liked you on facebook….
    also My fave is the classic beef stew and dumplings!!
    ALways fills a warm loving hole in the winter..

  24. maureen .m says

    Leg of lamb, cooked in slow cooker (just add fresh sprigs of rosemary).Leave on low for hours – FANTASTIC!!!!

  25. says

    My favourite slow cooked meal is Lamb Do Piaza – the onions melt to almost nothing and the curry is so aromatic! Even the children love it! I’ve also posted the competition on Twitter – I’m at joromerofood there. Thanks!

  26. Catherine Whittall says

    My favourite winter recipe has gotta be good old corned beef hash.

    Liked you here.

    Tweeted above link

    Following @fussfreeflavours and @loveyourmorphy (@drcat1981)

    Liked FussFreeFlavours & LoveYourHome on FB

  27. denise cross says

    Am now following on Twitter & Facebook. The thing I love about the winter are the stews and dumplings you can eat – yum

  28. says

    I love making a stew with sausages, chorizo, butterbeans and tomatoes – delicious. Love the idea of being able to brown the meat in the slow cooker, get to keep all that lovely flavour for the stew!

  29. says

    Hi! Great giveaway and slow cookers are wonderful. I don’t have Twitter, but I have ‘liked’ the Facebook page. My favourite stew for slow cooking has to be melt in the mouth osso bucco with red wine, tomatoes, thyme, saffron and plenty of onions and garlic. Delicious!

  30. bev_metallica says

    I make a gorgeous (well, I think so!) steak and ale casserole.

    Steak, brown ale, button mushrooms, wedges of potato,carrots and whatever veg you have to hand or need to use up. Add a little salt and plenty of black pepper. Throw it all in together and simmer for a couple of hours. Thicken with gravy granules before serving.

    The best part about it is that you can use cheap braising steak and the ale really softens it up. It’s lovely served in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

    Have followed all on FB and Twitter and re-tweeted as bev_metallica

  31. says

    My favourite is a spiced lamb casserole, which HAS to be slow cooked, so the lamb is melt in the mouth. nom!

    Have liked, tweeted and stumbled :)

  32. Carole Dorran says

    In the Winter, I love nothing better than a traditional beef stew with herb dumplings, slow cooked all day. Real comfort food.
    Have liked on Facebook on here and have also Tweeted under my Twitter name of Foster_Cats.

  33. Jeff Anderson says

    Traditional stew with beef, veggies etc. Add a heaped tablespoon of curry powder together with a dash (or two) of Worcestershire sauce. This is per 2 people. Wonderful.

  34. Jess Mandeville says

    My favourite is chicken with all spice seasoning, Jamaican cock soup with noodles, sliced onions, ginger, garlic, thyme and chopped carrots.

    I’ve liked you and MR on FB.

  35. Anna Wharton says

    Hi there, I would love to learn about how to use a slow cooker properly. Perhaps if I win your site will show me how. Anna

  36. Alpacaaddict says

    My favourite slow cooker recipe is Bottom Of The Fridge casserole. You just put whatever leftovers and veg you have into the pot, add stock and allow it to cook. A great meal for Mondays with the leftover roast, or on shopping day, so that it is ready when you get back from the supermarket run.

  37. Katherine Grant says

    Our favourite winter casserole is simple braised steak locally raised and bought from our wonderful family owned butcher in the village, in rich beefy gravy, which I serve over mashed potatoes made with lashings of butter, cream, salt & pepper and some green veggies. Bliss on a cold wintery evening.

  38. says

    Although actually, less traditionally, I found an amazing recipe last year for slow cooked pork belly with aubergine and star anise which was incredible. So I change my answer to that, sorry beef the pig wins.

  39. says

    And finally I already follow you on Twitter, as well you know ^_^

    Sorry if these didn’t all need to be in separate comments but I’ve read people ask for that on blog comps before. If I spammed you unnecessarily I apologise!

  40. Joanna Lamiri says

    I love a beef casserole with black olives, thyme and orange. Just brown the meat and chopped onions, season, add a tin of chopped tomatoes and some stock, plus a few woody herbs: thyme, bay. Cook in the slow cooker for 2 hours. Add a handful of black olives and the peel (not zest, the peel is there to infuse) of 1 large orange. Cook for a further 1 hour then serve with fluffy couscous or mashed potato or rice.

  41. says

    In many ways winter is my favourite time of year cos I just love love love slow cooking and casseroles – food that wraps you up and gives you a big warm hug! My ultimate casserole dish is Sausages with Puy lentils ( or my mother-in-law’s pork and cider casserole (but don’t tell her! :p)

  42. Joanne Ogden says

    I love sslow cooking. My favourite is braising steak, couple of spoonfuls of caramelised onion chutney, celery, garlic, tin tomatoes and a chopped carrot. Add a bit of beef stock and also drop of red wine if you like. Cook it gently for as long as you can. Yum

  43. says

    I really like the appearance and functionality of the cooker, compared to my old cheapy slow cooker. I really like that it turns itself off too and has the keep warm setting, I do shifts and getting timing right is often too much of a nuisance, as much as I love coming home to a hot meal!

    My favourite stew/ casserole is my beef with beer and barley, warming for a cold day and ribstickingly good :)

  44. Natasha says

    You can’t beat Beef & Dumpling stew. I always fry loads of onions & garlic first, put on plate. Using same pan, I flour beef & fry. I prep all veg, love swede & turnips, carrots ect. I always put veg into pan first, then add meat, onions, & galic, this stops the meat catching on the bottom of the pan. As for the stock, I use 1 can of strong larger, or stout, & gravy granuals. Dumplings I add dry basil, salt & pepper. I make enough for 3 days, so saving money in these tough times!!! Very Yummy !!!!

  45. Fiona Maclean says

    I make an adaptation of a beef in guiness recipe. Basically, beef and casserole veggies (carrots, turnip, celery) tossed in flour seasoned with blackpepper and allspice. Pre-brown everything, then chuck back in the casserole with a good quantity of guiness and cook for at least 5 hours. Check seasoning and add the grated zest and juice of one orange to every 500gm of beef, warm through and serve.

    It tastes better the next day too


  46. Rachel says

    A big pot of stew and dumplings.
    A bit of beef skirt, loads of root veg, butterbeans, pearl barley, stock and a big slurp of reggae reggae sauce. Left to bubble away for hours and then add the dumplings to make it perfect……. and even better the next day ;o)

  47. Sophia Kearney says

    my favourite casserole recipe would have to be a creamy chicken, leek and mushroom with mashed potato – ultimate comfort food to look forward to after venturing into the cold all day

    i have liked you on FB also

    thanks x

  48. Rosie Holloway says

    Found a recipe that I tried out the other day for a sausage and root vegetable hot pot – absolutely delicious! Sausages, onions, carrots, swede and pearl barley cooked in red wine. Yum yum – my mouth’s watering already!! :P


    I oculd make my fab venison casserole, diced vension, shallots and apple juice, b. garni jsut cook slowly for 2 hours very slowly then add mushrom and redcurrant jellly

  50. June Gaynor says

    Beef casserole: braising steak, carrots, onions, mushrooms, stock, bayleaf, and a splash of worcestershire sauce. Simple but tasty!

  51. pamela hamby says

    liked on facebook and tweed as @dancer 2712

    my favourite is definately my nans recipe stewing steak, potatoes, carrots, barley, gravy with dumplings mmmmm

  52. Erin London says

    I Love making French cassoulet.
    The slow cooker seems ever so perfect for this classic French Bistrot stew !

  53. Joanne McGawley says

    Being ” Northern” there is only one possible outcome here and that would be one of “Betty`s” Lancashire Hotpots:
    Potatoes (roughly two per adult and one per child), peeled and thinly sliced,3 carrots peeled and sliced,1 onion chopped, 500g minced lamb/beef, or lamb/stewing steak chopped into small pieces570ml/1 pint stock or water ( I use lamb leg fillet, but ask your butcher!)1 tsp mustard ,100g suet,200g plain flour,1 jar red cabbage

    Layer up the meat, onion, carrot and potato ending with a layer of potato in an oiled casserole. Add stock and mustard to cover the meat. Stew for up to 1.5 hours,( or when tatties and carrots are cooked!) Meanwhile, mix suet and flour with water ( as per instructions on suet packet!) to make a dough. Roll this out to size of casserole dish.When the hour is up put on this dough and continue cooking for last half hour. Serve with LASHINGS of red cabbage! Yum Yum!!!

  54. Jenna Parrington says

    I love to make beef bourigion in a slow cooker, if only I had one! I would love to win!

  55. tracey gibbons says

    my favourite casserole is chicken with leeks, carrots, potatoes, and squash with a cheese dumpling

  56. Alison Tripp says

    This looks a fantastic bit of kit that I would love for my kitchen and would love to use for a lovely meal when I get in :) My favourite recipe is a stew, stewing beef, onions, carrots and swede with a load of gravy granules, top up with water, stir and leave for about 3 hours, serve with creamy mash and fresh crusty bread a brilliant winter warmer.

  57. says

    I have retweeted you message – 1 entry
    I have followed both you and morphy on twitter – 1 entry

    and my favourite winter stew is not exactly a recipe as such but usually just meat and veg, with some herbs and either some red wine and beef stock thrown in for good measure – but one thing I must have is puff pastry – you need puff pastry to sook up the gravy juices!! – 1 entry!

    hope I win!!!!

  58. Anthea Holloway says

    I love to make a rich meaty casserole with dumplings which I make from suet, flour and water. Carrots, onions and leeks are always in the pot but the meat is anything I fancy, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, even sausages!

  59. Janet Kam says

    Favourite winter recipe is Goulash with fresh crusty bread, filling, warming and very tasty

  60. Kelly Martin says

    I have to say I love stew and dumplings it takes me back to when I was a child and totally reminds me of cold winter evenings. An example recipe can be found here :

    I also love tattypot. Corned beef, sliced potato in a lovely gravy dolloped in brown sauce a proper cheap as chips northern treat. For this recipe its basically alternate sliced potato and cornbeef, more potato (top layer potato) and pour gravy over in a casserole dish, put in the oven at 200 degrees C for an hour. Yum yum!

  61. Susannah Leggatt says

    For me, it’s a lovely, rich beef stew with lots of root veggies, simple, delicious and several hours to make. There is never much left for OH to take to work the next day.

  62. Angie says

    sausage casserole with plenty of veg and some spicy black pudding, topped with some sage and onion dumplings, oh so comforting on a cold winter night!

  63. Nickie Chapman says

    I always love pulled pork – good any time of the year. Pork shoulder done in a few spices and then taken out afterwards, meat pulled apart. Then back to the slow cooker and add barbecue sauce. Serve on buns. Yum yum!

  64. Sarah Davies says

    I throw anything in, depending what is in the fridge. Today it was mixed lamb pieces, onions, carrots, parsnips, garlic, Moroccan spices, paprika, tomato puree, a stock cube, salt and hot water. But whatever I put in it I always cook it slowly for a long time. (on the hob as I don’t have the luxury of a slow cooker)

  65. teresa hewitt says

    My Mum’s Lamb Ragout is absolutely delicious, few ingredients, very simple, nothng artificial.

    Chop and fry two large onions gently with a tsp of sugar in some oil (herby olive oil is good, but any will do)
    cut 500g or so of Lamb Neck Fillet into fairly large chunks (neck fillet is nicest but any stewing lamb will do) and fry with the onion for a few minutes, stirring away
    Add some chopped cooking bacon and fry
    grate 3 large carrots in the food processor and add to the meat/veg, grind in some black peppers and a shake of white
    (dont add salt until tasted in case the bacon is very salty)

    give all a good stir then cover with boiling water and simmer gently for 2-3 hours or more, checking for liquid etc.

    (you can coat the lamb chunks in flour before frying if you want a thickened gravy. Not really necessary though.)

  66. susan cunningham says

    I have fulfilled all criteria for first, second, third & extra entries. Fingers crossed!

  67. pam cooper says

    home made soup leeks potatoes and any veg you can fined add oxo / chicken cubes put in pan cook till tender get out hand blender top with cream eat with crusty bread

  68. Jaynealicia says

    Have been a fan of slow cookers for over 30 years. Love the way they transform the cheapest cuts of meat into the tastiest, yummiest of winter comfort food. Favourite recipe is probably the one using scrag end of neck of lamb with rosemary. In the days when I couldn’t afford but craved a lamb chop this really hit the spot.
    Slow cooker really came into its own when babies were small – a real feeling of achievement to know that the meal was made and slowly cooking long before the tea time scryke. Now I have become a Grandma and daughter has just topped her Christmas list with a slow cooker request – the story continues……..

  69. Susanne Toumi says

    It has to be a curry – whatever meat/poultry I have available in my freezer and seasonal vegetables – served over steaming basmati rice – Yummyyyyyy! A sure winner every time and loved by all!

  70. Vicki Loftus says

    My favourite cassarole is steak, guiness and mushrooms with dumplings……..served with home made chips. YUM!

  71. Charlotte Hoskins says

    My favourite winter recipe is chicken casserole with lots of potatoes, carrots and onions – so yummy in the cold weather. I also like on facebook and follow on twitter @charbarcrazy yum yum!!

  72. Rachel England says

    I love an Irish beef stew. My nan makes her own variation of it using vegetable stock, oxtail soup, leeks, potatoes, onions, Lean Steak Fillets (Chopped), Stewing Steak, carrots and a splash of double cream. Yum Yum.

  73. Kim White says

    My partner loves a casserole with beef or lamb and I prefer pork. I literally chuck anything available from the fridge in with it and hope for the best. Not had any complaints yet!!!

  74. claire oliver says

    my favourite is minted lamb casserole
    500g Lean Diced Lamb,
    A Dash of Olive Oil,
    1 Large Onion,
    1 Garlic Clove,
    1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes,
    1 Courgette,
    1 Carrot,
    1 Green Pepper,
    1 Tablespoon Tomato Paste,
    1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce,
    2 Cups Beef Stock,
    1 Packet Fresh Mint.

    ive added and followed u on facebook and twitter x

  75. fi law says

    Classic beef and ale casserole. Slow cooked and bursting with flavour. Serve with crusty bread

  76. LORNA says


  77. Lyn wils says

    My favourite cassarole is lambs heart, swede, carrots, mushrooms, onions, guiness and with dumplings & mixed herbs ….served with creamy mashed potatoes & corrinader.

  78. Jen says

    One of my favourites just now is puy lentil, ginger and mushroom stew. Sometimes add other things like greens, carrots or parsnips depending what I have in. Served with rice bread. Yummers

  79. Ian Campbell says

    I just love a chicken casserole with carrots, leeks, celery and a diced swede complete with tasty dumplings, all done in a slow cooker. Nice and easy to prepare and tasty too! There’s nothing better for a cold winter’s evening than a hot herb-infused casserole.

  80. Cheryl says

    Oh, the first meal I’d cook in this would be lamb shanks with garlic, rosemary, redcurrant jelly and red wine! Left to stew all day and something to look forward to by the evening!