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Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses from Ingleford in Lancashire is a family concern that have been making cheese since 1932, with the fourth generation now in the diary . They produce a range of hard, soft and blue cheeses, all handmade. The four blues are marketed under the Blacksticks range: Blue, Creamy, Silk and Velvet. The Creamy is a soft blue cows’ milk cheese, while the Silk uses goats’ milk and the Velvet is from sheeps’ milk. Sadly, this last isn’t available during December and January due to the timing of lambing and the availability of milk..

In particular, Blacksticks Blue sounds interesting, “with a distinctive amber hue, Blacksticks Blue reveals a delicious creamy smooth yet tangy taste”, it could well provide a great change from Stilton on your Christmas cheese board, with the colour providing a welcome highlight, as well as its milder taste and softer texture. The cheese has the essential celebrity chef endorsements from Simon Rimmer, Glynn Purnell and Nigel Howarth. To bring Blue to a wider audience, Butlers have launched a video; I have to say that I like it: there’s a Tim Burton-y, gothic-y thing going on; fun and lighthearted.

To keep us in touch with what Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses are up to they are fully up to speed with the use of social media, with a facebook page and also Twitter , as well as their quirky website. The facebook page hosts competitions, as well as giving present ideas such as a farmhouse cheese and beer set.

The Blue is available from a wide range of supermarkets, and like all their other cheeses can also be bought from their online shop.

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    Blacksticks blue is my favourite cheese EVER. Every time I tweet about it, Butlers RT me too. It’s made just the other side of Preston from us so it’s truly a local cheese so it’s widely available here. Sadly, the rest of the house don’t like blue cheese in any form so it’s not a frequent purchase but when I do buy it, I always enjoy it. Must get some for Christmas!


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