Sponsored Video: The Search for the Lost Scratch Truffle


A simple phrase; “cooking from scratch” can engender great feelings of real foodie enthusiasm, and mental pictures of hands on creation of real food. Whisking up a batch of mayonnaise. A session of bread kneading, feeling the dough develop its spring and elasticity. The ritual of tasting and seasoning. Making something simply because you can, rather than because you have to.

And while all of us might like the perfect Tuscan market on our doorsteps, sadly, we don’t. And for those times when you want to cook something a bit special, a bit different, but don’t want to end up with four new spice jars in the cupboard, slowly oxidizing into expensive brown dust, there are a number of companies who will provide you with every ingredient you need to cook a dish from scratch.

One company in this market is Scratch Meals who emphasise how quickly their dishes can be cooked; for instance, a chicken tikka masala in eight minutes. They are working with Michel Roux Sr, but there is a small problem, a rather expensive truffle worth £30K has gone missing, and a reward is offered to the person who finds it in their meal pack. I’m not quite sure I’m going to start smuggling pigs into the supermarket, but the lucky finder will receive £10,000 for their discovery. And if you’re wondering about the size of the reward, and the cost of said truffle, then apparently the truffle harvest this year is going to be poor; yet another reason to despair at our pitiful excuse for a summer. To see what’s going on with the campaign, check out the facebook pagetwitter,  and the videos, and get truffle hunting!

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