Sunvil Supper Club: Fish Stew from Paxos

Paxos Fish Stew

For September the Sunvil supper club returned to Greece and the island of Paxos (which was where my aunt and uncle used to holiday in the 1970s).  I have not yet been to Paxos, but I have spent a very happy week in Corfu, Paxos’s big neighbour.

The trick with any travel is to get off the beaten track, something that Sunvil encourage. I remember that we had snagged the most amazingly cheap last minute deal for our holiday, we sat by the hotel pool for a few days, and then hired a car and got to explore the island, which is steeped in history and culture, sadly overlooked by many a tourist.

Paxos, surrounded by the sea, has much excellent fish and seafood.   This fish stew is typical of island, a filling meal bursting with Mediterranean flavours.  It will be different every time you make it – frugal or extravagant – depending on the type and amount of fish available.

Paxos Fish Stew

The recipe is here; I used line caught cod loin and added a handful of frozen seafood, possibly not the most authentic but highly convenient for a city dweller; hunks of hearty crusty bread were used to mop up every last drop of the garlic, wine and tomato sauce.   I’ll add some lentils and blitz with the leftovers for soup tomorrow.

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      You are very kind Laura! The more I learn the more I realise I need to learn!

      I knew this one would be a challenge, and am delighted with my photos!

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