The Scandinavia Show 2012

Scandinavian Show 2012

Flowers by Yan Skates, tealight houses – Roots Living, bird trays – Hus & Hem, red & white textiles – Scandi Living, oak leaf teapot – Northlight Homestore, pebble pendant – Camali Design, Moomin mug – The Finnish church, glass jar and keys – AKTA Design, rocking chair – Danish Homestore

There are a few retail shows which get excited about, and even fewer that I am willing to spend my own money to attend, but last weekend’s Scandinavia Show is one of them.

My friend Helen reminded me about the show and with barely any arm twisting (well none really), I agreed to go. It was a delight! Firstly there was a husky puppy! Secondly it was a vanguard of excellent taste and design, minimal without being plain, muted without being dull. Thirdly there were no crowds; although many pretty blond children, with equally attractive blond mothers were present. Fourthly there was am adorable husky puppy (which I know I have mentioned before). Fifthly there was delicious Scandi food!

Scandinavia Show 2012 Collage

Red propeller bowl – Ulrich & Christensen, owl napkin holder – Northlight Homestore, silver pendant – Camali Design, ceramic pots – roots living, wooden Christmas tree – Nordic Design Forum, star and horse decorations – Scandi Living, scarf – Hus & Hem, pestle and mortar by Sagaform from Sola Kitchens

I adore the ball pestle and mortar, what a clever idea (note to Ed I NEED one).

Most of the wares for sale were stunning and we both were on the verge of hyperventilating with excitement and desire.  As well as the homewares and accessories there were some very very cute children’s clothes, Helen bought a very sweet striped top for her little boy.

We loved the vintage furniture which was sadly completely out of our price range, and there was a stand of beautifully simple vintage silver jewellery with at least one too many zeros on the price tags.

Scandinavia Show 2012 Collage

Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon on Peter’s Yard crispbreads, orange bowl – Ulrich & Christensen, Briska cider, wooden birds – Nordic Design Forum, fish dish – Sagaform, Flowers by Yan Skates, Sagaform pot, Karelian pies with reindeer pâte.

We were very restrained in our purchases…

Scandinavian Show 2012 purchases

Helen bought the beautiful propeller bowl. I adore my pretty tealight house full of windows, and a reindeer napkin holder is taming my paperwork!

And I leave you with the adorable husky puppy.

Scandinavia show 2012 Husky Puppy

Such soft fur, so adorable, so cuddly. I so wanted to take him home until I realised how much they moult.  Apparently it is very common for huskys to have different coloured eyes!

Put the show in your diary and go next year, and start saving now!  A £16 for a full price ticket, it is expensive, but we easily found a last minute half price deal.

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