Speedy Tomato Spaghetti with Capers & Haddock

Pasta with capers, bertolli sauce and haddock

Usually I cook everything from scratch, but in the last few months I have been lucky enough to be invited to attend several tastings for quite astonishingly good ready made products (namely Bertolli Sauces and Tilda Stir Fry Rices) that I am more than happy to keep in the cupboard and use on the occasions when I am tired or would otherwise call for a takeaway.    I think that anyone can cook with products of this quality – using them as a base to embellish according to their taste, and the contents of fridge and cupboard.

Here is my take on one of the recipes that Gennaro Contaldo made for a group of bloggers at the Bertolli tasting.   I used spaghetti, Bertolli Arrabiata from the store cupboard, capers from the fridge and two haddock fillets* from the freezer.    Absolutely delicious and very easy to put together simply poach the fish in the  sauce whilst the pasta cooks.  I am a caper lover, if you are not, black olives would work well here too.

* Waitrose sell boxes of individually frozen fish fillets which are perfect to keep in the freezer, the individual fillets defrost rapidly ready for use.  All Waitrose fish is sustainable and Marine Stewardship Council approved. 

Speedy Tomato Spaghetti with Haddock and Capers (Serves 2)

Two fish fillets – I used Haddock
Spaghetti for 2
1/2 jar Bertolli Arrabiata Sauce (or homemade)
1 tbs capers

If using frozen fish allow to defrost for as long as you can, I regularly poach half frozen fish and have never come to any harm, just cook it for a little longer.

Put the pasta on to cook.  Pour the pasta sauce into a shallow pan, add a little water and bring to a gentle simmer, add the capers (or olives) and lie the fish in the sauce.   Cook for about 5 minutes until done.     Serve on top of a bed of pasta.

Delicious and so so fast.

I am sending this to this week’s Presto Pasta Nights hosted this week by More Than Burnt Toast.

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    This looks a really good supper, I’m always looking for quick things I can give my son for tea and he loves spaghetti and fish but I’d never put the two together for him (although I make puttanesca with chilli for my husband and I frequently). Not sure he’d cope with capers but I certainly could. I’ve used Bertolli in the past, I had a phase of keeping their lovely glass jars!

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    I agree, using a good brand of prepared sauce is a real time saver. I check the ingredients list though, even if I’m getting it at a Natural Foods Store. A great meal with the haddock.

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    I agree that there are some great ready-made sauces on the market which are brilliant for those nights when you are tired or late home. I usually end up adding things to them to make them ‘my own’ and this is just the sort of dish I love. Capers always liven things up and would go well here I’m sure.

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