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As the winter takes grip, giving us a delightful choice between its icy claws and – for respite – a continuation of this year’s ongoing reenactment  of the great flood, it’s hard not to have slightly envious thoughts of all those lucky souls off to the heat and sun of the Caribbean to bake their bones for a while.  And whilst a transatlantic flight might not be upcoming for all of us – certainly not for me, for one – then perhaps it’s possible to inject a little Caribbean feeling into our lives through our food.

The team at Tropical Sun have decided to help by offering free samples of their range of products via a live vending machine. Getting hold of some sauces and seasonings would be a great way to inject some sunshine and variety into meals with minimal hassle; something that is no doubt welcome at this “where did all the time go” time of year.  To give you an idea of what it’s all about, have a look at this video.

To use Ray’s FREE live vending machine now, click this link: http://www.tropicalsunfoods.com/vendingmachine

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