Vanilla Bundt Cake for World Baking Day

Vanilla Bundt Cake for World Baking DayOne of my baking mantras is that it really is better in a bundt!  You could make this cake in a sandwich or loaf tin, but it is just not as fun and would also look a little boring.  Let’s face it, a cake baked in a bundt tin has the instant wow factor!  Do not worry about stickage – a spray of cake release will sort you out!  (See the comments on this post for more details about cake release spray).

This Sunday (20th May) is World Baking Day – sponsored by Stork.

The baking folks at Stork very kindly sent me a box crammed with baking goodies, some of which I used to make Nigella’s vanilla bundt cake.     I made a few adaptions to the recipe – using Stork, and only making a 4 egg batter.  I almost always use Stork in my own baking, I find very little flavour difference, it features in all of Mary Berry’s recipes – if it is good enough for her it certainly is good enough for me, and at half the price of butter it makes financial sense.

As well as relaxing, fun and delicious, baking can literally be life-savingly therapeutic – as detailed in Marian Keyes’ painfully honest account of her depression in her baking book Saved By Cake.  If you are not a baker I recommend buying some supplies and getting into the kitchen this weekend – you may surprise yourself at how easy it is.   Just remember that, as with most things in life, it is practise that is important – no one is born with the skills to be a top-notch baker. (There is a little part of me that would like to ban the use of the word talent altogether and favour practiced instead).

If you bake this weekend why not take a photo and tweet it using #caking.

Vanilla Bundt sliced for World Baking DayI think this simple cake would make an excellent addition to any Jubilee party, as a counter to the rich food, so I am sending it to Sarah’s Forever Nigella blogging event – where this month the theme is Jubilee and the host is Nelly.

Many thanks to Stork for my baking box and vouchers.

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  1. says

    Thanks, I was wondering about world baking day, now I know to get something going for Sunday. I have never owned a Bundt tin but have previously admired them on Jude’s blog. Now seeing yours I have been reminded once again! So pretty and I can justify buying one as I have lots of summer fairs to bake for :-)

    • Helen says

      There are loads of bundt tins in the excellent cookshop in Richmond. I am feeling the need to buy another one!

  2. says

    I love bundt cakes as they always look impressive and yours is no exception. I’ll have to try Stork next time. I usually buy butter by the dozen as I get through so much of it!

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