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A lifestyle photo of an etched slate cheeseboard covered wtih a selection of cheeses
How to Make an Etched Slate Cheeseboard With The Cricut Maker

This etched slate cheeseboard and coaster set looks professional, is easy to personalize and is so easy to make at home in less than an hour with the help of the Cricut Maker

Keyword: Etched Slate Cheeseboard
Author: Helen Best-Shaw
Materials Needed
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut cutting mat
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Etching cream – Armour Etch
  • Small paint brush
  • Slate place mat and drinks coasters
  • Cricut tools – scissors, scraper and weeding hook
  • Hairdryer
  1. Choose your images in Design Space – I picked 4 different glass shapes and a cheese logo.

    Cheese wedge #M877990C

    Drinks glasses (from the Restaurant Icons cartridge)

  2. Size the images appropriately for your materials  - I recommend leaving at least 1/2" between the edge of the slate and your design. 

  3. Weed the design - remember you are removing the parts you want on the final item, so the opposite way round to usual.  Cut into separate pieces.

  4. Arrange the shapes in design space so there is at least 2"/5cm between each and send to cut on some scrap removable vinyl.  

  5. Apply the transfer tape to the weeded vinyl and then peel the backing tape off.

  6. Make a light scratch in the middle of each coaster to help with positioning the stencil.

  7. Apply the vinyl and transfer tape to the slate and use the scraper to help it stick then carefully peel the transfer tape away – I found that the vinyl doesn’t stick that well to the slate so peel slowly. With the non fussy cuts like the glasses you can use each piece of transfer tape several times.

  8. Blast the vinyl with a hairdryer so it softens, then use a duster or soft cloth to press the vinyl into all the bumps on the slate, repeat as necessary paying attention to all the edges, corners and small pieces. Don’t be tempted to skip this stage as it is crucial to getting a sharp edge to the etch. Reheat the vinyl and repeat if needed.

  9. Use the paintbrush to dab; rather than brush, a thin coat of the Armour Etch cream onto the slate, taking care not let it go over the edge of the template. If needed use painter’s tape to mask the exposed ares of the slate. Wear gloves if you think you will get the etching cream on your skin.

  10. Leave for 5 minutes, then give the etching cream another dab or prod with the brush. After another 5 minutes rinse the cream off under a running tap, avoiding any exposed slate, then wash with washing up liquid and a soft brush.

    Warning: do not rinse the etching cream into a ceramic sink, or you will risk etching it too!

  11. Peel off the vinyl, wash everything again and leave to dry. As the slates dry the design will magically appear!

Recipe Notes

If you get grease or oil on the etched areas they will fade, but a good scrub with a soap and a washing up brush will bring the design back.