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Tempting golden toffee vodka, served in dainty shot glasses.
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Toffee Vodka

This rich, warming homemade toffee vodka recipe is delicious in shots or cocktails,. Makes a lovely seasonal gift.
Prep Time5 mins
Infusing Time3 d


  • 130 g toffees
  • 500 ml vodka


  • Put all the toffees in a wide-necked jar. Then add the vodka.
    130 g toffees, 500 ml vodka
  • Seal and swirl the jar to mix. Leave for 5 days to a week, giving your toffee vodka time to infuse. Swirl regularly to help the toffees to melt. You can stand the jar next to a radiator to speed up the process if you need to.
  • When the toffees have dissolved, you will have an opaque vodka drink that looks a bit like Irish cream. You can bottle it like this or decide to filter it. I find that filtering produces a smoother drink.
  • To filter, set either a coffee filter or a sieve lined with kitchen paper over a jug and pour the vodka in. This can be a slow process, and will take several hours.
    At the end, you will be left with a delicious soft toffee cream in the filter. Don't throw this away, as it is delicious on desserts or added to hot chocolate. Keep it in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Bottle your vodka and store it in a cool, dark cupboard.


Unfiltered, this recipe will yield around 575 ml of Toffee Vodka.
Filtered, it makes about 450 ml. 
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