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Ox cheek Casserole with pickled walnuts
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Recipe: Slow Cooked Ox Cheeks with Red Wine & Pickled Walnuts

Slower cooking renders tougher cuts of meat meltingly delicious, the addition of pickled walnuts adds a twist to a this classic beef casserole.
Servings: 6 servings
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time8 mins
Total Time18 mins


  • Beef dripping or goose fat
  • 2 medium onions – roughly diced
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 800 g Ox cheeks – cut into 3 – 4 cm chunks - or stewing steak
  • 1 glass red wine
  • 1 tbsp plain flour
  • 1 mug beef stock
  • 8 pickled walnuts
  • Salt & pepper


  • Slowly fry the onion and garlic in the dripping or goose fat ; when soft transfer to the slow cooker or crock pot.
  • Cube the ox cheeks into bite-sized pieces and sear a few at a time, transferring to the slow cooker when browned.
  • Whilst the last batch of beef is frying add a little extra fat to the frying pan – we used goose fat – and add a tablespoon of plain flour and cook for a few minutes before transferring to the slow cooker.
  • Add the wine, top up with water until the top of the meat is just covered and a beef stock cube.
  • Season with salt and pepper, and let the cooker come up to temperature. Once simmering, turn down to the low setting and leave to cook.
  • About half an hour or so before serving, cut the pickled walnuts into eight pieces each, and add to the stew, together with a dash of the pickling vinegar.
  • Finally, just before serving, check and adjust seasoning.
  • We gave it 8 hours, which resulted in an unctuous and rich stew that was just right for a winter weekend supper, served with a buttery mash and some quickly wilted kale.
• Please note that the nutrition information provided below is approximate and meant as a guideline only.
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: British
Keyword: ox cheeks