Recipe: Layered Fruit and Quark Pots

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Recently there seems to be something of a theme going on Fuss Free Flavours with multiple dishes served layered in glasses.   As well as tasting delicious, I think they look fantastic, and a dish that looks good is always sure to impress.   Fuss Free – call it lazy if you must – at its best – food with a high effort to glory ratio.

As well as being Fuss Free these creamy and rich looking puddings are actually not as bad for you as you might first think as they are largely made from quark – a continental soft cheese that is made from skimmed milk and is virtually fat free – which is being more and more widely available in the UK, its versatility making it a fridge staple in my kitchen.

I used Bonne Maman fruit pots – but you could make your own; stewed apples would be delicious, or use another brand or a high fruit, low sugar jam.

My top tip when making layered puddings in glasses is to use a wide mouthed jam funnel when filing the glasses – it stops the contents making a mess on the sides of the glass.  Spoon in and then gently tap to level before adding the next layer.

These are perfect served after a hearty main course, or to enjoy on a weekday evening as a treat.

Quark and fruit compot layered puddings-4

Recipe: Layered Fruit and Quark Pots

Fills 4 x 250ml glasses

350g Quark
100g double cream
50g caster sugar (if using regular jam then leave out)
4 Bonne Maman or other fruit pots in at least 2 flavours – or 100g two types of jam

Mix the quark, cream and sugar.    Pour half into a separate bowl.   Stir one fruit pot into each of the quark mixtures.

Layer one of the quark mixes, followed by a fruit pot into each of the glasses and repeat.   When adding the fruit pot to the middle layer use a spoon to arrange it round the outside of the glass.

Make up to a day in advance and keep in the fridge.

Serve chilled.

Many thanks to the Cake & Bake show for the fruit pot samples.  

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  1. says

    Loving the high effort to glory ratio… perfect for impressing at dinner parties with absolutely no faffing about required!!! I haven’t used quark for years and will be looking some out. My friend in Brussels gave me some divine mango jam from Pierre Marcolini which I think would go very nicely indeed!!!

  2. says

    I’ve not used quark in years, glad to see double cream in – can’t be too healthy :-D

    Love the pretty layers, using jam funnel is a great tip!


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