Recipe: Warm Butternut Squash Salad with Dukkah Crunch

Warm Butternut salad with Dukkah CrunchI am a huge fan of butternut squash.  Cheap, readily available, long lasting, delicious and adaptable makes it the perfect Fuss Free vegetable for my kitchen.

I use butternut raw – finely grated in salads, along with potato in rosti, in smoothies and soups, roasted or stuffed.

This pretty salad is perfect on a warmer summers evening with a glass of wine, or for lunch on a day when the sun isn’t shining.   Crunchy green kale, sautéed mushrooms, sweetly roasted squash topped with a sprinkle of dukkah make for an interesting bowl.  There really isn’t the need to measure anything, use what quantities you have available.

I’ve been using dukkah (duqqa or daqqa) for some years. Originating from Eygpt it is a flavour filled mix of crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, cumin, coriander, sesame and spices., or course the ingredients will vary according to where it is made, or who you ask – zaatar and ground chickpeas can be added to the mix.   Once you find a blend that you like I guarantee that you will find it very useful as a rub, sprinkle or topping.  I especially like the one from Olives et Al.

Recipe: Warm Butternut Squash Salad with Dukkah Crunch

Serves 3-4 depending

1 medium butternut squash – peeled, deseeded and cut into 1″ cubes
2 good glugs olive oil
handful mushrooms – sliced
4 spring onions  – shredded
1 medium bag curly kale – thick stalks removed
2tbs dukkah
Pinch chilli flake

Pre heat the oven to GM4 / 180C.  Pour some oil into a roasting tin add the prepared butternut squash, season well with salt and pepper, give a good shake to coat and pop into the oven to roast for about an hour.

When the butternut squash is cooked remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Fry the mushrooms in a little more of the olive oil until soft, then add the spring onions and cook for another minute.

Lightly cook the kale – I usually steam it in the microwave for a minute.

Assemble the salad but layering the kale, then the mushrooms and topping with the roasted butternut squash.   Sprinkle with the dukkah and some chilli flake

The folks at Uniform Dating have just launched a Uniform Foodie app, containing recipes by Michael Caines designed to appeal to the nation’s nurses, doctors, armed forces, police and fire fighters’ favourite dishes.  (Fish & chips for the police and doctors, curry for the armed forces and fighters, and salad for the nurses).

I think that this healthy, nutritious and light salad recipe would be perfect for anyone one in uniform, not just the nurses, and would be an excellent end of shift dish, filling, but not rich and heavy – the perfect thing thing to eat before going to bed – which for many is not going to be at the usual time. Uniform Foodies App PicFind out more about the app on twitter from @uniformfoodies.

This is a sponsored recipe commission for Uniform Dating to promote the new Uniform Foodies recipe app.  Thoughts and opinions are our own.  Dukkah and olive samples were also received from Olives et Al.

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I am also sending this to this month’s #ExtraVeg challenge which is hosted by my co host Michelle this month.

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    Lovely recipe Helen, i’ve got a BNS waiting for me to get home from work and I fully intend to roast it up in cubes for a salad tonight tossed in Gran Luchito oil roasted and served with feta cheese in a salad…. yummity yum!!!! I also adore Dukkah… at it’s most simplest with hunks of bread dipped in oil and then dukkah… divine with wine :-)

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    Mmmm,… butternut. Nick produced something rideiculous like 40kg of the things on the the allotment last year! I love roasting them and using in salad – and love the idea of adding dukkah – thanks :)

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