Recipe: Asian Mango & Coconut Mocktail

Mango Thai Cocktail

Photo Credit: Innocent

The party season is well and truly underway, and with generously flowing alcohol and the accompanying temptation to drink too much.    Just because you do not want to drink it does not mean you want a boring drink.  So often the selection on offer can be dismal and unappealing; plain juice, sparkling water or sugar laden fizzy drinks.

Step in Innocent who have asked 12 bloggers to create a festive Mocktail; chic, delicious and grown-up; the type of drink you want to enjoy at a party.

12 Days of Christmas Fuss Free Flavours

I was allocated the 4 Calling Birds – which inspired this 4 Thai Birds cocktail.    Mango and passion fruit are delicious with coconut water (rather than milk – and buy the unflavoured variety).   Lime brightens, and the coriander and chilli add interest.  Be as brave as you dare with the chilli.  Make sure you only use the coriander stalks to keep the pretty golden colour.   This will also work well with a fresh mango in place of the smoothie.

Recipe: Asian Mango & Coconut Mocktail

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 250ml bottle of innocent mangoes & passion fruits smoothie
330ml carton of coconut water
the juice of 1 lime
2 coriander stalks
the very tip of a red chilli (just to taste)

Pour the innocent mangoes & passion fruits smoothie, coconut water, lime, juice, red chilli and coriander stalks into a blender to mix them all up.

Pour the drink straight into a cocktail glass and sprinkle with the remains of the chilli (if you’re brave enough).

Click to download a recipe card for my Fuss Free Flavours Thai Mocktail.

It is very very easy to go out and drink too much, I have done this one several occasions.   To my eternal shame I once went to a cocktail party, drank far too much far too quickly, realised I was very drunk, stopped drinking and got drunker as all the alcohol  still in my stomach was absorbed.   I then proceeded to be sick all over Ed on the tube.  Ghastly and embarrassing. It ruins your night and most of the next day.   Enjoy alcohol rather than letting it hurt you and others.

Fuss Free Tips to Cut Down on Drinking at Parties

If hosting a party, make sure your guests have some delicious choices.  Smoothies, interesting mixers and juices.  Make a jug of mocktails, or a vat of hot spiced apple juice alongside the mulled wine.   If you are expecting guests for more than 2 hours in the early evening serve food.  Chilli in the slow cooker, bread and cheese or order pizza.  I hate going to parties, drinking and not being fed.

Mix up fruit juices – apple and orange work well together, and a non alcoholic sea breeze (a flat calm perhaps?) is delicious.

Sadly people (especially once drunk) often pressurise others to drink more.  To help withstand the pressure

  • Drink your soft drink out of a wine or cocktail glass – no one will notice what is in it
  • Leave the booze out of traditional drinks – when it is your round order tonic water and do not tell anyone
  • Pace youself
  • Eat before you go out and drink water to hydrate
  • Have one soft drink for every alcoholic drink.
  • If unduly pressured tell people you are on antibiotics – adding that you will instantly be sick (on them) if you have one drop usually makes them be quiet
  • Think how dreadful they will feel the next day
  • If all else fails go home, spending time with drunks when sober is not fun
  • Visit DrinkAware for advice on sensible drinking

What are your favourite non alcoholic drinks? And what other ideas do you have for cutting down on your boozing at parties?

Many thanks to Innocent for my Mocktail inspiration pack, and supermarket voucher to help create this recipe.

The first 5 mocktails are here – and all can be downloaded from here.

1st Day is Karen from Lavender and Lovage
2nd Day is Marie from The English Kitchen
3rd Day is Nanya from Simply Sensational Food
4th Day is Helen from Fuss Free Flavours
5th Day is Dom from Belleau Kitchen
6th  Day is Kate from The Little Loaf
7th Day is Jac from Tinned Tomatoes
8th Day is Kate of a Merrier World
9th Day is Su-Lin of Tamarind and Thyme
10th Day is Natasha of Amelie’s House
11th Day is Ed of Rocket and Squash
12th Day is Leemei of My Cooking Hut

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  1. says

    I’ve found the best way not to drink too much is to drive! And if I haven’t got my car, then it’s waiting in a car park at Richmond, i loath that last bus journey from the station to home. i’ve found that people will not push you to drink if you mention driving! I prefer to drink water, if I’m not sipping wine or G&Ts. A great post and timely too.

  2. says

    I was about to say that sounds lush, but I will skip that and say instead that I love the flavours here and will be adding it to my ‘to try’ list. have to find some coconut water first. Is it less fattening than the milk?

  3. says

    I went on a cocktail making course years ago and one of my favourite recipes involved mango and chilli. Needless to say it also involved copious amounts of vodka, but this looks like a gorgeously virtuous take on the same idea ;-)


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