Recipe: Root Veg & Lentil Thai Coconut Soup

Thai coconut root vegetable and red lentil soupIn days gone by I spent rather less time on this site, and rather more time on food forums, where there was an oft used phrase of “fridge bottomy” to describe a delicious dish made with all those odds and sods found at the bottom and back of the fridge, most often made the day before you go shopping.

It always gives me great delight when I manage to use several things up in a dish, and this one is no exception.  Carrots, parsnips and half a dreaded swede.  Half a tin of coconut milk and the dregs of a jar of Thai curry paste.   Served with the last of my homemade butter spread onto the last slice of root vegetable bread, found at the back of the freezer. Things could have only been more satisfying had I finished the red lentils too.

This is a very adaptable soup, use that ingredients you have.  I find that the curry and spice tempers the natural sweetness of the parsnip.    If you are making this for vegetarians do check the jar of Thai curry paste – many of them contain shrimp, which often catches people out unless they are looking out for it.

Thai coconut root vegetable and red lentil soup

Recipe: Root Veg & Lentil Thai Coconut Soup

Serves around 8

2 medium onions
2 tbs oil
4 carrots
2 parsnips
Wedge of swede (rutabaga)
2 tbs red or yellow Thai curry paste (add more or less to taste)
Mug full of red lentils
1/2 tin of coconut milk or 4 tbs coconut milk powder
Vegetable stock – 1 – 2 pints
Salt & Pepper to season

Peel and roughly chop the onions and fry in the oil until golden.  Meanwhile peel and chop the vegetables.   Add the root vegetables and curry paste, stir and fry for a few minutes.

Add the lentils,  coconut milk & stock – enough to cover everything – and bring to a gentle simmer.  Cover and cook for about 20 mins until vegetables are soft.

Blend, thinning with water if needed.

Tastes better having been cooled and reheated, and freezes well.

There seem to be a myriad of food bloggers events that I can send this to!

Firstly Susan’s My Legume Love Affair – hosted this month by Girlichef.

Secondly Lisa and Jac’s No Croutons Required – where this month the theme is a hint of spice.

Thirdly, Love Lock with Soups over at Sweet Karam Kapi.

And lastly my own event Frugal Food Fridays, hosted this month by Gill.

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  1. I make an awful lot of soups myself and always think Thai spices work very well especially with the root veg you used. Impressive to hear you made the butter & bread too!

    • Thanks Laura, I now freeze my Thai curry pastes, they seem not to go solid and you can spoon them out of the jar.

      Love soup – my lunchtime staple.

  2. Being the American that I am, I had to look up the word Swede (I was assuming it wasn’t a person from Sweden…). Rutabaga. Cool, I love learning new things ;). I love creating delicious dishes from the dregs of the fridge and pantry. This sounds beautiful, I love the combo of the sweeter root veg w/ the lentils and curry. Delicious. Thank you for sharing it w/ MLLA this month!

    • On my to do list is to make my site more American friendly. I had forgotton that swedes are rutabagas the other side of the Atlantic!

  3. Sounds good and beautifully styled.

    • Thanks Janice.
      I put a board on the bed and use that as my studio as the bedroom has the best daytime light! ;-)

  4. Thank you so much for your submission to our event. I sore adore homemade Thai food.

  5. This sounds so delicious. I may try it in France, our neighbours and friends there are always amazed that we Brits eat swede as it’s used mainly as animal feed, so I always try and include it somewhere in my cooking.

    Like Laura I’m very impressed at homemade butter! You are certainly inspiring, thank you.

    • I am amazed that anyone eats swede too. I am really NOT a fan! It comes in the co-op bag. I would not choose to buy it!

  6. Delicious looking Thai coconut soup.

  7. Roots are great Karen! Cheap and if treated well delicious!


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