Recipe: Simple & Delicious Smoked Salmon Canapés

Simple and delicous Smoked Salmon CanapesWho does not love party food?  Delicious bite sized morsels, consumed whilst chatting and sipping a glass of champagne.   I adore party food, inventive canapés can impress, pack a flavour punch and are perfect for just taking the edge of your appetite and soaking up some alcohol before you move onto dinner or, if you are a social butterfly, the next party.

I have been making variations on these for years, they tick all my boxes of being Fuss Free, easy to prep ahead, impressive and have the requisite low effort high glory ratio.    In my days working in the City I could make a batch up of an evening, take to work and store in the fridge and assemble a 100 of these at a party within 15 minutes of arriving.  Win, win, win.

My canapé secret weapon is ready-made canapé cases, make sure they are bite sized and strong enough to hold the filling, but at the same time fairly thin so they do not take too long to eat and disrupt the conversation.   I love these delightful pastry spoons from Pidy, easy to pick up by the handle and pop into your mouth.

As always, serve elegantly, these look lovely on a slate with a scattering of chives as both a garnish and decoration.

Simple & Delicious Smoked Salmon Canapés

Makes About 40 Generous Bite Sized Canapés

200g pot cream cheese – I tend to use the light versions
200g creme fraiche or sour cream
200 smoked salmon trimmings – finely chopped
Squeeze of lemon to taste

To garnish
1 pot lump fish roe
Bunch chives – finely chopped
Freshly ground black pepper

Pastry canapé cases

Place the cream cheese, creme fraiche, smoked salmon into a bowl and mix well.   Add a squeeze of lemon for taste.   Leave for a few hours or overnight.

30 minutes before serving arrange your canapé cases on a serving plate and fill with the smoked salmon mixture.

Garnish with the lump fish roe, a dash of freshly ground black pepper and a sprinkle of chives.

Serve immediately.


Any leftover smoked salmon mixture is delicious as a pasta sauce, as a dip or stirred into a risotto.

Many thanks to Pidy for sending me a selection of their canapé cases.  A wide range of their canapé cases are available from Amazon.

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    Wow Helen what a beautifully styled and shot photograph – nice job :-) I’m a huge fan of ready made canape cases and love your simple smoked salmon recipe. Sounds very tasty indeed.


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