Recipe: French Toast Crumpets

French Toast Crumpets

Our morning routine usually consists of Ed being responsible for making breakfast.  He needs far less sleep than I do, so is usually up and about (or at least on the sofa reading the paper on the iPad) before I emerge from under the duvet.

Whilst I am checking my mails, twitter and finishing waking up, Ed is in the kitchen putting breakfast together.  Coffee is essential (Ed once tried the not to be repeated experiment to see if I really was addicted to caffeine by giving me decaf one morning, my resultant grumpiness confirmed a dependence).   Weekday breakfasts are usually simple; smoothies, toast, porridge or cereal – all made interesting with toppings and washed down with juice.   Fresh bread, muffins and pancakes are more for the weekends.

We have the luxury of working from home, so breakfasts are a chance to sit, take stock and plan the day, but for many it is a rushed affair as chores, food and getting out of the house all need to be completed in too short a space of time. I am a great believer that breakfast should be interesting; nothing is more unappealing to me that dry toast or soggy cereal.

Here we used crumpets instead of bread in a twist on French Toast, to make it super speedy for the morning whisk up the egg mixture the night before and store in the fridge.

Recipe: French Toast Crumpets

Serves 2 generously

2 eggs
100ml milk (whole or semi skimmed)
1 tbsp sugar
6 crumpets
Butter for frying

Jam/syrup/maple syrup to serve

Beat together the egg, milk and sugar in a flat bottomed bowl

Soak the crumpets in the mixture, turning at least once.

Melt the butter in a frying pan on a medium heat, placing the crumpets in smooth side down/holey side up.

Spoon over a little extra egg mixture. Turn once, when the bottom is golden and cooked. Serve with syrup or jam.

Many thanks to Warburtons who sent me a selection of their products and some spreads as part of their Big Breaktask campaign, aimed at helping to make the family breakfast routine as smooth as possible.

As this is cooked, I am sending it over to Janice who is this month’s host for Breakfast Club.

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And to mine and Camilla’s Credit Crunch Munch, this month over at Fab Food for All.

Credit Crunch Munch

There is still plenty of time to enter either event this month, and a prize to be won from each of them too!

Visit the Fuss Free Flavours Giveaways Page for a chance to win some amazing prizes!


  1. says

    Oh my goodness I’m salivating now and don’t have any crumpets argh. What a fabulous twist the this traditional treat which apparently I ate raw from my pram once! A great frugal treat for Credit Crunch Munch;-)

  2. says

    What a brilliant idea to make crumpets much more appeealing, delicious and a little decadent. Would be a great idea for Mothers Day breakfast too. I have to give these a go, or convince my lot to give them to me as breakfast in bed :)


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